Our web design portfolio highlights our work in a variety of categories. Conservative... creative... corporate... simple... elegant? What's your style? We believe that creativity is part of individuality!


We developed this web design for a local real estate developer whose business model reflects a shift in services to meet changing client needs and demands.

SOLUTION: We developed a user-friendly flexible design that makes the content easy to navigate and read. Plus, we made sure that the design complemented the clients print marketing materials.



All of our web design projects should taste this good! The web design for Bakery-Bites.com needed to be tasteful and elegant, appealing to a large customer base.

SOLUTION: Delicious samples of the product were all the inspiration we needed to create a website that's easy-to-use for both the client and their potential customers. The end result is a tasty design for an even tastier product!



Creating a web design for the distributors of Duras Boats that also defines the brand of a new product line was our challenge in this project.

SOLUTION: We created a fresh, appealing design that visually supports the content of the website The new design is a model of simplicity and clear functionality.



A primary objective of the design for EnergySteward.com was a friendly, clean, easy-to-navigate design that immediately engages the user.

SOLUTION: The design of the website reinforces the idea that the product offered by our client is also easy-to-use, with clear, simply stated instructions. The end result? Potential customers get a better understanding of what this company offers.



FabricateUS requested a website design that made their web presence attractive, compelling to visit, and search engine friendly.

SOLUTION: Our clean, simple layout conveys a sense of contemporary style. And the main page design makes room for a generous amount of text, allowing search engines to properly index the website under relevant search keywords. The final result is a web design that beckons the viewer while never overpowering the valuable information offered.


This homeowners association wanted a website with a fresh, clean style that would communicates clearly, simply and effectively with their neighbors.

SOLUTION: We developed a highly flexible, airy design that makes the content easy to navigate and read. We also installed features that give the client full control over the website. The end result is a dynamic, up-to-date website that the client easily manages without expensive technical staff!



Creating an easy to navigate web site that supports and also defines the brand of a new product was our challenge in this project.

SOLUTION: The web design for this site is clean and functional, with few graphics. Because it contains quite a bit of text, the design is restrained, allowing content to be read without distraction. The end result? Potential customers get a better understanding of what this company offers.


Developing web design that showcases such fun products is almost as enjoyable as being there!

SOLUTION: Because there are many elements featured on this page, we decided that the actual web design had to be minimalist, to avoid a sense of clutter or confusion. It had to be clean and airy, with a structure to make content easy to navigate. The end result is an attractive and easy-to-use website that appeals to its target market.



Some of our most satisfying projects are website makeovers! It provides us the opportunity to prove to our clients that good design and functionality can make a website much more effective and appealing.

SOLUTION: Robust new tools such as powerful search options, a customer registration option to reduce repetitive checkout procedures, new products and a new easy-to-navigate format were key to this redesign.



This is a recent design for a massage therapist who wanted to create a new website whose beauty is more than skin deep.

SOLUTION: In developing this design, we sought to use clean, soft colors that are inviting, soothing, and relaxing. The design also features a clear, simple approach to navigation and content layout. This allows the reader to focus on the message and quickly find information that meets their needs.


Since a large portion of this client's customer base is seniors, the website had to have the sophisticated design and marketing appeal essential for reaching that market.
We were determined to meet those requirements while at the same time offering a truly elegant and appealing web design. The new design is a model of simplicity and clear functionality.



Bobby McWilliams Painting required a clear, effective web design that is well organized and easy for potential clients to use.

SOLUTION: We took a large number of elements, both text and graphics, and distilled them into a layout that is easy to navigate and comprehend. The simplicity achieved also provides potential customers an enjoyable viewing experience.



Nissan Marine requested a complete website overhaul to compliment their new outboard model year. They wanted the new site to be simple to navigate, and to function as a product information resource.
SOLUTION: Starting at the root organizational level, Nissan Marine's product information was grouped into primary component areas. The redesigned site features simplified navigation tools and direct access to product information, customer support, and a wide range of online services.



Creating a web design that also defines the brand of a new product line was our challenge in this project.

SOLUTION: We designed a new logo, and utilized a home page that would become the branding for the product. The end result is a clear, simple, and fast loading e-commerce online presence of our clients' new business venture.



Parkdale Graphic Services wanted a showcase website to promote their parts and services.

SOLUTION: While the site refreshingly departs from the standard left-side navigation layout, visitors still surf with ease. The clean design and clear navigation facilitates visitor use of the site, and allows for quick contact with Parkdale Graphic Services.



Sometimes, our projects combine all the elements that make what we do so enjoyable: a great client, a cause worth promoting, and a fulfilling creative exercise.

SOLUTION: This project was a complete redesign of the web presence for Shoreland Community Church. We collaborated closely with the client to create a truly dynamic web design that contains a wealth of features that makes the website usable and relevant to their congregation.



This web design was created for a distributor who provides products to its dealer base and ultimately the end consumer. The web design had to reflect the professionalism and experience of the company, and serve as an extensive resource for both market segments.

SOLUTION: We created a strong presence through the web design that conveys from a glance, the products and service the client is well known for. The simply designed content pages and navigation make the site easily navigable and easy-to-read. The end result is a clear, simple, fast loading, and well organized presentation of our client's strengths.



A good web design for a law firm must work hard if it is to both explain the services offered and attract new clients. This web design seeks to meet both objectives successfully.

SOLUTION: The new website for Tribble, Ross & Wagner had to have the sophisticated design and marketing appeal essential to establish our client as an expert in his field. Additionally, the website needed to show the expanded range of legal services offered by the firm.